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Hey….I wrote a book!

I began photographing the Ohringer Home Furniture Company building in Braddock, Pennsylvania in the spring of 2019 after reading that it was about to undergo a major renovation and conversion into apartments. I contacted the owner and he agreed to allow me to photograph the progress from pre-demolition existing conditions through construction and completion. In the process of this documentation, I researched the history of the Ohringer Family, The Home Furniture Company, and the building itself. Along the way I uncovered long forgotten family history and found old photos that had not been seen in many decades. I made over 10,000 photographs of the budling in all stages of its re-birth.

The idea for a book was enthusiastically received by the Ohringer family and the owner of the building. With their support I continued down the long road to create a book that would tell the story of the Ohringer family and furniture business, the transition of the building shown through my photographs, and the award-winning results of the buildings’ conversion to 37 affordable apartments for artists.

The book is a 9”x12” embossed hardcover with 108 beautifully designed and printed pages. If you would like to support my work, the book is available for $75 with free shipping in the US. Payment is accepted via CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle. Please use the contact link in the website header to place an order. That goes to my email, and correspondence continues via email.

Thanks for reading!

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